Shortfin Sportfishing. What could be better than a day on a well-found boat? In the Sound or beyond.

Captain Chris Godino will be offering his experience and service to boat owners, dealers and brokers in New England as East Coast Captains. Services will include:

  • Yacht deliveries
  • Inshore and offshore fishing guide service
  • Sport fishing outfitter
  • Boat owner orientation
  • Boat handling instruction

Shortfin Sportfishing Directory

Below is a list of fellow charter boats in our area that we personally recommend and have fished with for many years.

Cape Cod In-Shore and Off-Shore Fishing Charters

Machaca - Capt. Willy Hatch, 508-360-4613, Falmouth & Edgartown, MA
Hairball - Captain Eric Stapelfeld, 617- 755-1847 Falmouth , MA
Islander - Capt C.J. Lambert, 508-847-6025, Falmouth, MA
My Brother - Captain Harvey Russell, Falmouth and Oak Bluffs, MA
Castafari - Capt. Damon Saco, 508-221-5136, Falmouth, MA
Riptide Charters - Capt. Terry Nugent, 774-696-0420, Cape Cod, MA

Light Tackle, Fly Fishing
and Specialized Small Boat Charters (1-4 people)

Riptide Charters - Capt. Terry Nugent, 774-696-0420, Cape Cod, MA
Fin Addiction Charters - Capt. Jeff Smith, (508) 349-1404, Cape Cod, MA
Gravy- Capt. Avery Revere, 917-270-0508, Cape Cod, MA
Crossrip Outfitters - Capt. Jeffery Heyer, 508-228-4900, Nantucket, MA

Fishing Charter Boats NJ - FL

Canyon Runner - Capt. Adam Larossa, New Jersey
Double-D - Capt. Dean Panos, Florida
Miss Britt - Capt. Ray Rosher, Florida
Run Off - Capt. Brian Harrington, North Carolina